Josh Lober

Thanks for visiting. Photos on this site were taken my me, except where otherwise noted (usually where I'm in the photo). I was an enthusiastic photographer in my teens, and was taught by my father using his Nikon FTN. I had many years away from shooting, with this collection beginning around 1993.

This collection contains images of Places, Friends and Family. Including my wife Allison, and our kids Max and Celia. There are also images of our dogs, Maggie, Nellie, Black and Decker.

Many of the images on this site were shot on film, using a Nikon F2SB, Nikon F5, Hasselblad 501c, Toyo VX-125 (4x5) or a clunky old 8x10 field camera. The more recent images are digital, and were shot using a Nikon D1, D1x, D100, Sony DSC-R1, Canon S110, S400, SD800 and most recently a Nikon D300, D700 and D800.